Dart Articles - How to Play Darts

Dart Anatomy
Basic anatomy of a dart with information about each part.

Standard or Slim Flights?
Choosing the right shape and texture flights for your style.

Dart Buying Guide
A beginner's guide to choosing the best darts.

How to Practice Darts: My Routine
Ray Carver's standard practice routine Author: Ray Carver

Dart Etiquette
Standard rules of conduct in darts.

How to Throw Darts: Composure Keeps You on
the Winning Side

Keeping your cool to gain an edge in darts. Author: Brady McCaw

Dartboard Height and Distance
Regulations for soft and steel tip darts.

Choosing the Perfect Darts: Advice from a Pro Darter
Dart buying guide for intermediate to advanced players. Author: Scotty Kirchner

Dart Terminology
A list of terms commonly used in the game of darts.

Cricket Strategy
A strategy guide for the game of Cricket.


How to Throw Darts
Explains the basic techniques for playing darts, from grip to stance.

L-Style Darts
All about the innovative L-Style darts and accessories.


Lippoint USA
The new Lippoint USA dart tips from L-Style

Information about the new L-Style L-Shafts

Outs Chart
An extensive list of outs.