L-Shafts from L-Style

Features and Design


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The L-Shaft logo with blue L-Shafts

L-Shafts have a large opening, allowing for easy flight/shaft assembly.

Wide opening in L-Shaft tines for easy flight assembly

The large opening is locked down by Champagne Rings or Shell Lock Rings, creating a super-strong hold on the flight and providing protection from Robin-Hoods and deflections.

You can use nearly any flight on an L-Shaft with the L-Style Shell Lock System, so you won't be limited to using L-Style Flights only!

L-Shaft with Champagne ring and flight guards

The L-Shaft also has built-in flight guards, protecting your flights from the bottom up, so they do not tear or break.

L-Shafts are even available in a slim shape, allowing for longer shafts without added weight.

Slim shape L-Shaft in white with flight guards

Finally, L-Shafts are the most durable polycarbonate shafts on the market!

Learn More About L-Shafts - Watch the Videos Below!

Scotty B Introduces the L-Shaft

The four L-Shaft styles including locking and spinning styles