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"L" in L-Style is for love, life, luck and many more wonderful L's

L-Style darts are designed and engineered to reach the highest degree of performance. While outlasting virtually any other dart brand, L-Style flights, shafts and points are sleek and sexy.

The pro dart players sponsored by Dart Brokers saw instant improvements in their game as soon as they swtiched to L-Style darts. Imagine how much your game will improve when you switch to L-Style!

The L-Style darts banner with L-Style products

L-Style donates part of their sales profits to PDJ, JSFD, other darts' associations and people in need.



L-Style dart flights ("L-Flights") have no lamination and are extremely durable and strong while still being soft and flexible for easy adjustment.

Clear black L-Style dart flights Slim red Champagne Flight

L-Flights are always open at 90 degrees for perfect flight. Combine them with L-Rings (sold separately) to increase shaft life and improve shaft-flight coupling, stabilizing the dart in the air.

Champagne Flights can be used with Champagne Rings, which also improve shaft-flight coupling, protect your shaft tines, and prevent deflections and "Robin Hoods".

L-Style L-Rings for L-Flights L-Style Champangne Rings for Champagne dart flights

Learn more about L-Style dart flights, watch the video below.

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Shell Lock System

Use the Shell Lock System to turn any dart flight into an L-Style Champagne Flight!

Punch a hole in your flights with the Shell Lock Punch, then fit them with Shell Lock Rings.

The L-Style Shell Lock Punch L-Style Shell Lock Rings for dart flights

Shell Lock Rings have all the same advantages of Champagne rings, improving shaft-flight coupling, protecting your shaft tines, and preventing deflections and "Robin Hoods". Shell Lock Rungs have the added benefit of keeping your flights at a perfect 90 degree angle with their integrated grooves!

Try the L-Style Shell Lock System, it will improve any set of darts.

Learn more about the Shell Lock System, watch the video below.

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Lippoint Points

Sophisticated and beautiful, the shape of L-Style Lippoint soft dart points makes your darts look hot!

L-Style's Lippoint dart point banner

A unique molding process and "Bombshell" shape makes these tips extremely strong and durable and improves seating in the dart board, preventing darts from "hanging" and getting in the way of other throws.

The non-slip mirror finish makes these points gentle on dartboards, less prone to bounce-outs and easy to pull from the board. Lippoint high precision threads almost never loosen and enable smooth, quick release.

Diagram of the Lippoint dart point design

Lippoint dart tips will easily out-last other soft dart tips.

Also available, ShortLip Lippoints and HardLip conversions points.

L-Style Shortlip dart tip banner L-Style HardLip conversion point banner

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Laro Shafts

L-Style Laro dart shaft banner

L-Style Laro dart shafts come in nylon, carbon and spinning versions. Being nearly indestructible, Laro shafts also do not bend or go crooked like aluminum shafts, ensuring that your darts fly true with every throw. Finally, no rings are required to keep Laro shafts tight and secure.

Laro Nylon Shafts are available in many colors, including clear.

Black Laro nylon dart shafts Clear Laro nylon dart shafts

L-Style Carbon Shafts are made with the strongest dry carbon for the highest strength. They are very light and will out-last virtually any other dart shaft on the market.

L-Style's Carbon dart shaft banner

Silent Spinning Shafts are designed with advanced Japanese technology, ensuring that they spin just enough with no "backspin" or rattle, allowing incoming darts to easily slide past for maximum precision.

L-Style's Silent Spinner dart shaft banner

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KrystaL Flight and Dart Cases

Protect your darts and flights in style with L-Style KrystaL Dart and Flight Cases. Providing excellent portability, security and fast access to your darts, L-Style cases are a must-have for any darter on the go.

L-Style Cases are individually boxed and make great gifts!

L-Style Krystal dart case in Crocodile Black L-Style Krystal dart case in Shiny Pink

Learn more about L-Style dart cases, watch the video below.

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