Viper Illumiscore -Dart Scoreboard - Large

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  • Viper Illumiscore  -Dart Scoreboard - Large
  • Viper Illumiscore  -Dart Scoreboard - Large


Viper Illumiscore Plus+ Scoreboard
Light up your opponents when they see your scores on the Viper Illumiscore Illuminated Dart Scoreboard. Attain the best visibility during your games, so you can see what your next shot needs to be. The specially designed pencils (included) will glow brightly when the board is lit. No more guessing and scratch paper! Clean up is a breeze, as the board wipes clean after every game. The scoreboard is powered by 4 AA batteries or an optional adapter for two convenient power options. Once you’ve mastered the art of standard Cricket and 01 games, the game manual can put a new spin on to old favorites.
  • With a side-lit board you’ll be seeing your game scores from a much further distance in poorly lit areas.
  • Scores will remain legible while you write in new ones with smudge free scoring.
  • Includes two colors of oil pencils, messy chalk dust is a thing of the past.
  • Simple Installation, includes mounting hardware.
  • Easy cleanup, just wipe with a dry cloth after you win
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries for a clean, no-wire look
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