L-Style L2c Bill Davis Bad Signature Champagne Flights - White

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Bill Davis "Bad" Signature Champagne Flights


L2c - Tear Drop / Pear

Always open at 90 degrees for perfect flight.

They can be used with Champagne Rings (sold separately) to improve shaft-flight coupling, increase shaft life, prevent deflections and prevent "Robin Hoods".

Everyone throws differently. Finess Players with more of an arc in their throw will find their dart can stabilize and fly smoother with a larger flight size, while power players that throw real hard in a straight line will enjoy a smallor or slimmer flight that allows the dart to travel with less resistance. With this in mind, L-Style offers a flight size that will suit any throw. Look at the chart to find out what flight size works for you.

Soft, flexible nylon bends easily for adjustment

Longer durability, no lamination

To be used with any L-Style shaft or nylon shafts ONLY.

Sold in sets of 3

L-Style products are used by the best darters in the world.

Work especially well with Champagne Rings, L-Style shafts and other products listed below.

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