L-style L-Shaft Slim Blue Dart Shafts

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L-Shaft dart shafts from L-Style

Slim design

The most durable polycarbonate dart shafts on the market!

L-Shafts are specifically designed to be used with Champagne Rings or Shell Lock Rings (available below). Pair your Champagne Flights with Champagne Rings or pair almost any foldable flight with the Shell Lock Rings.

Note: Regular non-Champagne flights must be punched with the Shell Lock Punch to be compatible with Shell Lock Rings. Read more about L-Style Products and the Shell Lock System here.


L-Shafts have built-in flight guards which protect your flights from the bottom up, preveting tears or damage.

Available in Slim design that reduces the mass of the shaft, creating more space on the dart board and preventing deflections.

Champagne Rings and Shell Lock Rings lock your flights into place, creating a very strong hold between shafts and flights, further stabilizing your darts.

L-Shafts are also available in longer lengths than other L-Style shafts.


All L-Shaft accessories are available below.

To learn more about L-Shafts, refer to the additional pictures above or read our L-Shaft article.





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