L-style Krystal One Dart Case - Updated 2023 Design

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  • QUALITY MADE: Manufactured in Japan. A plastic, durable, compact and lightweight dart case.
  • CONVENIENT: Carabiner included to clip onto belt loop, purse etc. L-style's "Lipstock" and "Krystal Flight Case" are the perfect accessories that also can clip onto this dart case to hold your extra tips, shafts and flights.
  • MAKE IT YOUR OWN: Most customizable dart case with mix and match pieces as well as additional add-ons like the "joint" or the "jacket", you can create a dart case that is like no other.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable length to fit your darts long or short.
  • ON THE GO: Holds one set of fully assembled darts with flight, shaft and tip. Everything you need for a night out for darts.
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