How to Practice Darts

My Routine

Written by Ray "The Razor" Carver

Ray Carver, Dart Brokers Pro Player

For some players, finding the right groove or niche in their throwing style or practice routine may take some time. Personally, I'm never completely satisfied with these things and am always looking for ways to improve. I'll tinker at home with different darts, shafts, flights and throwing styles. Of course, I'm very happy with the TIGA Ray Carver Fusion darts (they've worked so far!) but I still like to experiment with new things.


The best ways to practice and prepare will be different for everyone, but I always like to practice on a steel tip dartboard at home by myself. I use the following routine:

1. I throw at 20's for about a half hour, or until I'm comfortable, loose and warmed up.

2. Then I throw 100 darts at bull's-eyes, counting each single and double bull I hit. A good average is about 128 bulls out of the 200 possible.

3. Next I like to play a game called 121! You get 9 darts to take out 121 points and must finish on a double. If successful, you move to 122 and so on. Once you fail to take out your target number in 9 darts you start over! I play 2 or 3 rounds of this game.

4. I also like to hit the all the doubles, starting at 1 and ending at the bulls. I do three rounds of this, ideally getting each round done in 30 darts or less.

5. Then I play 501, best of 5 legs to set, best of 5 sets. I have to win each game in 15 darts or less or I lose a leg.

That's my routine in a nutshell. When big events are coming up I'll do the whole routine over again if I'm not happy with my practice results. I'm extra motivated around event times; I get butterflies of sheer excitement!

I love the game of darts so much and consider myself very lucky to be successful at doing what I love!

Thank You

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