Target 8 Flight Locked Shaft Intermediate+ Clear (29.5mm)

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  • Target 8 Flight Locked Shaft  Intermediate+  Clear (29.5mm)
  • Target 8 Flight Locked Shaft  Intermediate+  Clear (29.5mm)
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8 Flight is a ground-breaking solution in molded flight systems. Each flight is created with a perfect 90-degree angle which ensures flight performance consistency.  They have re-enforced edges to enhance flight performance and durability. Each flight is partnered with 8 Flight’s industry changing thread shaft system ensuring an unbreakable bond between your flight and shaft, meaning no flight drop outs during play. The unique 2-piece system also allows for interchangeable shaft capabilities, letting you to mix up your shaft and flight system 

Made in the heart of Japan, the 8 Flight brand has been launched to provide a ground-breaking solution in molded flight systems. 8 Flight has been designed for the fashionable darts player who wants to make as much impact as possible whilst using top quality products that suit their every-day requirements.
Made in Japan:

Each product has been designed and manufactured in the heart of Japan. Meticulous technique and unique Japanese design is evident in the debut launch products.
Simplistic Set-up:

Following extensive market research, the 8 Flight system only requires the use of the shaft and the flight, no need for O-rings or any other parts.
Pick ‘n’ Mix:

Whether you want a fixed or spin shaft-system, the 8 Flight features interchangeable shaft capabilities, meaning you can mix up your shaft set-up without needing a new flight. Both shafts have identical screw tight mechanisms to secure the flight to the shaft, ensuring no accidental flight drop-outs during play.

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