Shot Tribal Weapon Savage - Steel Tip Darts

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  • Shot Tribal Weapon Savage - Steel Tip Darts
  • Shot Tribal Weapon Savage - Steel Tip Darts



Unleash your untamed nature with Tribal Weapon Savage, inspired by the ancient arts of Pacific and Asian combat. A tough scalloped bomber style locks fingers into position for an effortless throw, while deep-milled cuts define a spine-like grip that runs from end to end. This 90% Tungsten barrel has been to hell – our intensive 7-stage process – and come back fighting, with a meticulous finish armoured in ultra-durable black titanium, re-machined for lethal power. You’re a force to be reckoned with.

Finished with the classic Shot Tribal Weapon centre flat, this barrel is poised to strike – with a front scallop for pencil grippers or players who seek a push point behind the nose. Spearhead cuts on the nose finish off the barrel, perfect for a twirler with a finger on the nose point transition.

Weight     Diameter     Length

   22g       7.70mm     40.0mm

   23g       7.80mm     41.0mm

   24g       8.00mm     41.0mm

   25g       8.00mm     42.0mm

   26g       8.20mm     42.0mm

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