Red Dragon Bunker Buster 48g Steel Tip Darts

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The heaviest legal darts in the world weighing in at a mammoth 48 grams. This all action dart offers you precision and amazing performance for the player that wants that extra momentum in their throw. Winning loyal fans all over the world, once Bunker Busters get going they are hard to stop. Bunker Busters have 2BA threads and come as a complete set with extra matched flights and shafts and a hard wearing Tri-fold Pro wallet. Bunker Busters are match weighed darts and accurate to within 0.1 of a gram, so you can be sure that every throw is as precise as the last. Made by us we have complete control over our raw materials and darts production which enables perfect match weighed selection. Our match weighed logo is assurance that they are the best in the world, and is a mark of our quality. Red Dragon Darts – world leaders in mail order darts.
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