Ramiro "Ram Jr." Guevara


Dart Brokers Pro darter Ramiro Guevara

My name is Ramiro (Ram Jr.) Guevara, I'm from Houston, TX. I started playing darts at the age of 25. I watched my dad play league, which caught my interest in trying the game of darts. I started playing and I took it to another level. I would practice with some of the best players in Texas. In doing so and learning how to play, I have accomplished many tournaments and I look to accomplish many more in my future. My goal in darts is to win the World Stage and many other big events.

The biggest achievement this year (2013) was winning pro doubles 501 at Chicago Bullshooter finals. I am passionate about the game, enjoy meeting new friends and having fun. I'm excited to be part of Dart Brokers team!


Ramiro Guevara with fellow Dart Brokers Pro Player Alex Reyes