"Joe B." Barcenas


Pro dart player Joe Barcenas with a Dart Brokers patch

Age: 31 (in 2013)

Playing Darts Since: 2009

I started playing darts with my dad on a household electronic dartboard. I never really knew how to play the game of darts so I would just shoot for the bulls-eye when I played my dad's friends. One day a friend of my dad's came over and asked me if I played darts. I told him "once in a while, why?" He replied that he played in a dart league here in the Imperial Valley. I told him I would like to play in the leage and he said if they needed a sub he would call me. One day I got the phone call about subbing on his dart team. After about a month of playing on his team I became the number one rank shooter in the Imperial Valley dart league.

After playing for a couple years I started attending some dart tournaments with a friend of mine from San Diego. I started winning tournaments almost every month at this bar called the "Nice Rack." After doing well at these blind draw events I went to my first Desert Dart Classic event in Laughlin. I won all of the masters events and received the "Top Gun" award. After winning at the Desert Dart Classic I started competing in some steel tip events. I attended the Manny Pacquiao event and played against Ray Craver. After the Pacquiao event I went to my first NDA Las Vegas event, where I played against Ben Dersch and sent him to the loser bracket.

I lost interest in playing darts after the NDA Las Vegas event and stepped away to focus on my career. When Dartslive dartboards came to the U.S., my fire and passion came back because I was able to compete against really good players via the online mode. Thanks to Joe Rose from DSC Ventures for bringing Dartslive boards to our local bars which helped me get my name out in the dart world. Dart Brokers and Dartslive have really given me a chance to showcase my true dart talent.