Jason "Dr. Deth" Naert


    Pro dart player Jason Naert with a Bullshooter trophy     

I started playing darts when was about 10 in my parent's basement. I used a cork board that came with 4 sets of darts. I didn't know how far to stand back, or any rules whatsoever. All I did was throw all four sets of darts at the bullseye. When I got pretty good at that I started hitting other numbers.

One evening, I watched a movie called "An American Werewolf In London" and low and behold there was a dart match in the movie. When I saw them aim for the triple twenty I knew what my new mission was. I couldn't tell you how many 140's I had before finally getting it, the BIG 180. I was so excited I took the board off the wall and showed my parents.

At 19, I moved to Florida for work. While I was there I didn't play for awhile, until one afternoon during lunch when I saw a dart machine. I had never seen an electronic dart board before, but had my eye on it. I was ogling it so intently that the owner noticed and asked if I'd like to play a game. Of course I said yes. The game was cricket and I had never heard of it, so I was taught the basics and I beat him on my first game. He was considered an intermediate player. He asked me if I would play on his team and that is how it all started. I eventually quit the leagues to play local tournaments as there was more money in it. I played a local tournament just about every night and ALWAYS wore a Megadeth concert shirt, so they started calling me Dr. Deth (Thank you A.W. Aguilar). :)


After a few years, I moved back to Iowa and played there. My first big tournament there was in 1994 at the J Cousineau's Sweetheart Open in Minneapolis, where I won the Cricket singles. I was on top of the world. I've won A LOT since then, and what keeps me around is not the darts, but the players. I can't think of greater people.

Anyway, I had to take a break for awhile to raise my children, but now they are getting older and want me to play again. They have taken an interest in darts as well.

I look forward to getting back out and competing again. Seeing the old players and meeting new players. I really love this sport and have dedicated almost my whole life to it.

See you soon and Shoot Well!!!

-Jason "Dr Deth" Naert