Oblivion 90% is the latest addition to the world beating Harrows tungsten range.  The tapered 50mm barrel is mainly comprised of symmetrical square-cut grooves, providing a consistent grip along the length of the barrel. At the nose, 4 micro cuts have been added to ensure additional feel for front end finger placement.  Coated with durable black titanium nitride, the barrel is then re-cut to leave a stunning, two-tone finish.

The dart is fitted with Black Midi Super grip shafts and Prime flights.

Key Features:
  • 90% Tungsten Barrels
  • 2ba Shafts
  • Flights
  • 2ba Soft Tip Points
  • Barrel only weight - 19.5gm
  • Fully dressed weight (approximately) - 21gm
  • Barrel length - 47.00mm
  • Barrel diameter - 7.15mm
The dart you order should match with the barrel pictured. All other components of the dart (flights, shafts and tips) may vary in color and length upon receipt.

All darts sold in a set of 3