Gordon Dixon


Pro Darter Gordon Dixon with Helios Monster darts

Gordon is a USA based player that has separated himself as a top darts player in America in the past two years. Starting when he was younger, with his father and a group of his father's friends, he always showed an affinity for the game but lacked time to devote to the sport. It wasn't until February 2004 that Gordon started to give the game the time and love it deserved. He began competing in local competitions and traveled to a few of the large dart tournaments around the United States.

Two years later Gordon would ramp up his game again, setting his sights on the World Series of Darts. Practicing tirelessly, his game progressed. Unfortunately the results for the actual event were poor. His efforts didn't go unrewarded however. He continued to compete as much as he could, showing good solid results.

In 2009 Gordon turned a corner in his darting career, winning the Pacmania Open 501 singles. At the time it was the biggest accomplishment on his resume. This validated all of the hard work and travel. In 2011 Gordon decided to try to make the top 10 of the ADO points list for an entire year. This decision was made after a very good start to the year. Gordon played in more tournaments in that year than he had in the previous two and a half years combined. He held the 1st position for the middle part of the year. Though he fell to #2 in the final points standings, many more personal records and accomplishments piled up during that year. He really hasn't looked back. He would finish 6th in 2012 to secure a second consecutive spot on the ADO national team as well as a spot on the 2013 World Cup Team.

Gordon has many great sponsors that support him including Dart Brokers, Monster Barrel Designs and L-Style. He even does his own darts-related podcast called The Action Dads with fellow dart player D.J. Sayre.