Craig Cook


Dart Brokers Pro darter Craig Cook

My name is Craig Cook. My story about how I got involved in darts may seem fairly typical. I was actually a bowler before I became a dart player. After we would finish our bowling league, we would go into the bar and throw a few games of darts. After a short time my friend asked if I'd like to play in a league with him, and we ended up winning the league and won the bar their first trophy. At that point, I think I was hooked. I gave up bowling and took up darts, playing in leagues two nights a week and playing blind draws on the weekends.

In those days, I was practicing and playing in leagues with some of the best shooters around my area (Lenny Bonk, Randy Harringer, Randy "Slick" Young, Kerry Dodge, Jim Klett, and others). I owe a lot to those guys for pushing me to be a better player. Of course, putting in hundreds and hundreds of practice hours helped too.

I've been playing darts for about 20 years. For approximately ten of those years I've been on the Arachnid Pro List, have competed in many Bullshooter tournaments, Regional tournaments, one N.D.A. Vegas tournament, as well as many Indiana state and Michigan state tournaments. I have captured numerous titles over the years, including two N.D.A. championships. My goal is to get on board with DartsLive and try to compete at a higher level in some of those big tournaments. This is a challenge I look forward to, as I will be playing against some of the best dart throwers in the world.

Career Highlights -
I've enjoyed many accomplishments in darts, but to me the ones that stand out the most are the 2008 Vegas N.D.A. Tournament, when I took first place shooting doubles with Ray Carver and first place in the Pro Singles 01 (Vegas, 2008). The other stand-out win for me was winning singles at Indiana's State Tournament in 2012.

2013 Indiana State
1st Place: Master's 4-person team with Scottie Raye, Brad Porter, and Jim Hough
2nd Place: Master's Singles

2013 Michigan State
1st Place: Master's Level Doubles Cricket and 01 with Jeremiah Millar
1st Place: Mixed Trips with Jeremiah Millar and Jana Baringer

2012 Indiana State
1st Place: Master's Singles
1st Place: Master's Doubles with James Frame

2011 Indiana State
2nd Place: Master's Singles
1st Place: Master's Doubles with Lenny Bonk

Over the years, I've had the honor of being able to play with or against some of the best players North America has to offer: Ray Carver, Brad Porter, Jeremiah Millar, Joe "Millionaire" Mateja, Kevin "K.J." Jinkensen. In addition, the guys in the Hard Core League in LaPorte have played a significant role in my dart career. I feel fortunate to live in an area where the game of darts is popular, and there are a lot of great players.

Final Thoughts -
I do love the game of darts, and most of all I enjoy all the great people I've met along the way. I think that's what keeps me playing year after year. I'd like to thank Dart Brokers and Nine Dart Out for giving me the chance to be part of two great teams. It is definitely an honor, and I look forward to representing both teams as we move forward together.