Brady "The Kid" McCaw


Dart Brokers Pro dart player Brady

My name is Brady McCaw, known in some circles as just "The Kid."

In the small town that I grew up in, where cows may outnumber the people, I learned that there were these things called "dart leagues" and that my parents went to them. They went out a couple times a week and would come home full of stories of who should have taken out what and "why didn't you hit a triple, a double, or a bull for God's sake?!"

I soon became curious what this talk was all about. As the talk became more frequent a dartboard appeared in the basement. I would do my homework in the corner while my parents practiced. After a short while I had darts in my hand, the basics in my head, and the board in range. I was throwing at first to just get out of an early bedtime, but then it became something more. I practiced to beat Mom first. She would keep me up until she won. Sometimes it got so late I would ask to go to bed. Then there was Dad. He was a tougher competitor, but I learned the most about the game from him. The times with both of them are treasured memories of childhood I wouldn't trade for anything.

Soon I was playing in the local bar, even though I was too young. I would walk in, parents on either side of me and darts in my pocket. I learned there were others playing this game. Others that I could get schooled by and learn from. My competitive juices started to flow. Back to the basement I went, practicing so the next time out I would be better. Many of my former teachers are now my friends.

After a couple years of practice and determination it happened, I started to win a few, then I won even more. At age 14 I turned pro at the Illinois State Dart Tournament. I was varsity in several sports in school, but darts is something I will do long after all my hair turns white and my kids are having kids.

As the years passed I was lucky enough to travel and meet many great people. I have played in the Bullshooter finals and on stage at many of the biggest events in darts. One event that stands out in my mind was in 2006 when my dad asked me what I wanted for a birthday present. I replied "to play darts at Illinois State with you dad, and help get you to your first state final." We were lucky enough to have our picture taken with a 2nd place finish, losing to some guy by the name of Scotty Kirchner, who I have always looked up to and learned from.

I have been very blessed with great people around me. I've had the chance to learn what many of the sport's greats had to offer, but Bob Adamson, AKA Lumpy, stands out. This man has taken the time to not only help me learn the game, but to show me how to play with respect for others. People like Bob make me want to give back to the sport as much as they have given to me and everyone else.

If you are ever at an event and see me walking around, please feel free to stop me and say hi or ask questions if you'd like.

5- Illinois State Dart titles
2- Iowa State Dart titles
2- Bullshooter 4 Person titles
2- 3rd Place Pro Doubles
4- ADA National Titles
2- Windy City Cup Titles
5- Bullshooter Regionals