Alex Reyes


Pro dart player Alex Reyes with a Dart Brokers patch

Age: 26 (in 2013) Started playing darts in 2010

My name is Alex Reyes and I am from San Antonio Texas. I was first introduced to darts in 2010. After years of hearing about my uncle's passion and travel around the country I was finally convinced I should go watch him play. I used to think, "never in a million years would I do all that to play darts." Now look at me! He taught and encouraged me to play and practice hard.

As I became more eager to play I joined several leagues around San Antonio and started practicing and playing with some of the top players around. I found myself driving to Houston several times a month just to play with some top players that drove me to step up my game. Win or lose, I felt that playing against those players made me the dart player I am today. I am blessed to have met such great people, now friends through darts.

I earned my professional status in 2012 at the Texas Regional Bullshooter and in the 2012 World Bullshooter Finals, both in Men's singles events. I have earned several titles in many different events throughout Texas and other states both in soft and steel tip tournaments. My most recent achievement was placing 1st in the 2013 World Bullshooter Finals Pro Doubles 501 with my partner Ram Jr. whom is also part of the Dart Brokers Team.

I look forward traveling more and practicing harder to achieve many more titles around the world. Thank you again Dart Brokers for giving me the opportunity to be part of your team!

Alex's Dart Titles

Texas Regional Bullshooter, 2012

- Men's Cricket Singles - 2nd Place - Mixed Cricket Doubles - 3rd Place

3rd Annual Texas State Tournament, 2012

- Men's Cricket Doubles - 2nd Place - Men's Doubles 5021 - 2nd Place - Men's Singles Cricket - 2nd Place

XXVII World Bullshooter

- Men's Singles - 2nd Place

Texas Regionals, 2013

- Mixed Cricket Doubles - 1st Place - Pro Men's Doubles 501 - 3rd Place - Pro/Am Cricket - 3rd Place

5th Annual Texas State, 2013

- Pro Singles Cricket - 2nd Place > - Pro/Am Cricket - 2nd Place - Mixed Doubles 501 - 2nd Place - Pro Doubles 501 - 2nd Place

DFW Metroplex Nationals (Steel Tip), 2013

- Men's Doubles 501 - 2nd Place - Mixed Triples 601 - 1st Place - Mixed Doubles 501 - 2nd Place - Men's Singles 501 - Top 8

XXVIII World Bullshooters, 2013

- Pro Men's Doubles - 1st Place - Pro Singles - 4th Place

North Texas Shoot-Out (Steel Tip), 2013

- Men's Doubles 501 - 1st Place - Men's Singles 501 - Top 8 - Men's Singles Cricket - Top 8 - Men's Cricket Doubles - Top 4

Houston Open Steel Tournament, 2013

- Cricket Doubles - 1st Place - Cricket Singles - 1st Place - 501 Doubles - 2nd Place


Alex Reyes with fellow Dart Brokers Pro Player Ram Jr.