Millionaire Gold Sig. Steel Tip Dart Barrels - 90% Tungsten, 22g

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  • Joe Millionaire Mateja signature tungsten dart barrels
  • Millionaire Gold Sig. Steel Tip Dart Barrels - 90% Tungsten, 22g
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Golden Signature darts of Joe "Millionaire" Mateja - BARRELS ONLY

90% tungsten - neutrally balanced (neither front or back weighted)

Aggressive saber grip for enhanced control

Approximately 22 grams Barrels only. Final dart weight depends on shaft, flight and tip used with barrels.

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"The Signature Millionaire 90% Tungsten dart was specifically designed to perform for both the high-level pro player as well as the beginner.  The aggressive saber grip all but eliminates slippage of the dart in my hand and ensures that I hold the dart in the same position throughout my throw."

"Every dart weighs exactly the same and with their precision balance, they fly through the air with perfect trajectory. Because of their high density tungsten design, the grip won't wear as fast and will allow me to use the same set of darts for a long time I have mine set up with L-Style accessories including Laro 190 Silent Spinning Shafts, Standard Champagne Flights, and Clear Champagne Rings.  Since acquiring my signature barrel and pairing them up with L-Style accessories, my game has improved and continues to do so."

"I have been playing for over 8 years and have thrown 6 or 7 different dart models in that time and this is by far the best design and set up I've been lucky enough to use. It's a very easy dart to throw and using them gives me the essential confidence I need to win."


-Joe "Millionaire" Mateja

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