Daytona Fire GT-01 24g Steel Tip Dart

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**PRE ORDER** Ships Sept 21st 

An extension of the Daytona range, Daytona GT shares the same distinctive Trapezoidal grip technology precision machined into 95% pure tungsten.
Overlaid with a sporty blue Titanium Nitride performance coating, to enhance grip and provide your barrel with long lasting protection.

Technically perfect, visually stunning - Daytona GT is conditioned for the most sophisticated grip, and set off with the Carbon Ti shaft and grooved Storm point for an elegant finish. 

  • 95% Tungsten Barrels
  • 2ba shafts
  • Flights
  • Steel Tip Points

Barrel only weight - 24gm
Fully dressed weight - Approximately 26gm

Barrel length - 52mm
Barrel diameter - 6.95mm

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